You’ve Got to Check Out This Guy’s Tiny House

By Richard K. Noots

Leave it to Japan to have one of the coolest tiny houses I’ve ever seen built thus far in my life. It’s less than six hundred square feet, but once you see inside, you won’t feel that way. Actually, this house is like the opposite of a sports car!

Somewhere in a place called Riverside …
japan tiny house

Is a tiny, narrow house.
small narrow

It doesn’t look like much …
teeny tiny side

But it’s all about the motion of the ocean! Wait …
z inside

There are almost no doors.
z also almost no doors

Instead relying on “visual separation.”
z enough space


It has a loft!
z has a loft

And a very spacious kitchen.
z spacious kitchen

Can’t see this bedroom from the corner.
z visual separation

Here is the rough design, in case you were interested.
z ta da

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