Learn 4 Ways to Clarify Your Thinking From the Current Mindset that Is Blinding You From Making Good Choices

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By Ronnie Toofan

My friend Henry can make really mouth-watering tacos. So, for almost a year, I never got tired of encouraging him to open up his own taco place in his area. However, when he talked to his wife about it, she rejected the idea thinking that nobody in their neighborhood would buy it and that they would prefer burgers and other stuff and that it would just be a waste of time because it wasn’t going to work. You know, excuses.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, a food cart serving tacos and other Mexican foods opened in their area and it became a hit. The tacos don’t taste as good as Henry’s but the people loved it because it offered something new and exciting to their little area.

Although Henry and his wife admitted regretting their decision, it was kind of too late because they already lost their chance. But it was good to know that they learned their lesson.

Life is full of hard choices. And even though sometimes not all of your options sound good, you still have to work through a decision to make sure you come out with the best one. Here are some negative mindsets and practices that you need to let go of to clarify your thinking and avoid making poor choices.

Herd or Mob Mentality

Since everybody is doing it, it is right for me to do it too. This kind of mindset allows you to behave irrationally on a very limited perspective. It’s like being on auto-pilot, you’re not really thinking for yourself and you’re just going through the motions.

When making conscious decisions, it is important to stay rational and analytical. In order to do this, writer William Craig suggests maintaining a sense of professional autonomy.

Being able to depend on yourself when you’re exercising your judgments encourages you to think critically, be more responsible with your choices, and make a conscious effort to develop your own opinion. Always educate yourself instead of just blindly mimicking other people.

False Sense of Pride

There’s nothing wrong with having some sense of pride. When you give your 100% into accomplishing something, you should be proud of yourself. When you are able to deliver more than what is expected of you, you have the right to feel proud about your achievement. It is okay as long as you have a good reasons and it’s not offensive to others.

However, I think that many people confuse pride with arrogance. Feeling superior or thinking highly of yourself especially when you haven’t really proven anything or done anything successful in your life is not an acceptable behavior. Too much unjustified self-confidence is not only annoying but it can also lead to harmful choices.

In love, for example, many guys prefer maintaining a “macho” image, you know, men who preserve their masculinity by dating a lot of women, not wanting to settle down and being allergic to commitments. Why? Because they have way too much pride and ego to fall in love and become vulnerable.

Guys, there’s nothing weak in giving with no expectation of anything in return, there’s nothing wrong with being the first to fall in love. Loving and being faithful to your woman will not make you less of a man. In fact, it makes you more of one. So, spare yourself the pressure of maintaining that “macho’ behavior and just love with all your heart.

Bad Morning Routine

The way you start your day or your general mood a few hours after you wake up has a great impact on the way you think and on your decision-making. It is easier to make choices when your mind is calm, fresh and free from distractions. Also, this is the time when your supply of mental energy for the day is still whole and intact, thus increasing the probability of making wiser decisions.

To improve your capability of dealing with complex problems and difficult scenarios of your day, make sure that you keep a healthy morning routine that can help boost your mood and attract positive energy.

Writer Joseph Summers shares this tip that will make your morning ritual healthier and invigorating.

Multitasking Mentality

The pressure to seize the day not only invites stress, but it can also rob you of your present happiness. When you’re always impatient and rushing to get things done, your focus is all over the place.  You are then compromising the quality of your work, you become more prone to distractions and worst, you will wear yourself out without actually accomplishing anything completely.

In the piece “The Best Stress Management Advice I Ever Received,” writer Sheiresa Ngo emphasizes the importance of focused productivity.

Studies show that our brains are not wired to multitask; therefore it is best to stay focused by engaging in some serious self-care, or by practicing mindfulness, or perhaps changing patterns that don’t serve you anymore and saying NO to unnecessary distractions. The less stuff you have on your plate, the more you can think and perform better.

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