You Won’t Believe What These Tough Bikers Did In the Name Of Love

By Anne Cacherell

After a motorcycle crash killed her husband, Rhonda Thill realized that the symbol of their 18 years of marriage was missing. She knew he was wearing his wedding ring the night he died and it must have come off due to force of impact. She desperately wanted it back so she asked a friend, who is also an avid biker, for help.

Understanding the value of keepsake of love and commitment, a group of Minnesota motorcycle riders head out to Highway 68 for a search and retrieve mission. Not minding the waist-high grass on the area, these leather-clad bikers get down on their hands and knees to find the missing jewelry. Find out the rest of the story by watching the video.

Sometimes, the nicest people you’ll ever meet are the ones riding their big bikes, wearing leather jackets and looking real intimidating. Who are we to judge? Share with us your thoughts.

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