You Won’t Believe What Playgrounds Around the World Look Like


By Richard K. Noots

James Mollison is a photographer who wants people to be aware of something: How children play. He’s traveled around the world to bring an interesting perspective to the lives of others not in this country. Some are good, some are terrible. What is clear is that something should be done. After all, what’s more important than our future?

Here’s a place you might be familiar with. Did you know that’s how kids played there though?

Israel Recruiting Center
israel recruiting center
Apparently, Israel trains and recruits directly from schools, due to their conscription laws. Many of these children will be in there science division.

Nairobi, Kenya
Nairobi, kenya
Yeah. Got a little real here, didn’t it?


Sierre Leone
sierra leone
Schools here close during July-September, due to a the flooding of the Crocodile River.

Tokyo, Japan
tokyo japan clean up
Jesus, Japan.

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