You Won’t Believe How This Extraordinary Operation Saved a Man’s Hand

By Anne Cacherell

Grafting is a well-known ancient technique in crop agriculture. This process involves getting tissues from one plant and then inserting them into another plant so that their vascular tissues may join together. However, this method also applies in the field of medicine.


A factory worker named Zhou was rushed to Xiangya Hospital in Changsha, the capital of Hunan Province in Central China after his left hand was severed in a spinning blade machine. To ensure that sufficient blood supply would keep the hand alive, the doctors decided to graft it to his ankle for a month until the nerves and tendons in his wrists healed.


Dr. Tang Juyu, the head of the microsurgery at the hospital and his team had already performed the same extraordinary and rare operation in November, 2013.

A month later, Dr. Tang Juyu and his team have once again successfully removed the hand and attached it back to Zhou’s arm. The epic “replantation” surgery took 10 hours.

Zhou is now able to move his fingers slightly but he still needs further rehabilitation before his hand can become fully functional.

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