You Will Have a New Appreciation For the Dark After This

By Jack Day

“How do you convince someone to save a forest who has never seen one?” That is the question Scott Kardel, the managing director for the International Dark Sky Association poses when discussing how to convince people who have never been in total darkness that they should start turning off more lights. We are living in a time where there is the most light pollution there has ever been. And with all this new light, it makes it very hard for people to see.

What is light pollution?

It’s when the lights of the city are so bright and obtrusive that you can longer see the night sky. It is a problem in that we are drifting away from the beauty and inspiration our ancestors experienced before light blocked it out.

What did you think of the video? While it may not seem like that big of a deal, it could stunt our curiosity and eventually people won’t even look up at the night sky anymore. Please share any thoughts or comments about our current lighting situation!