You Could Say This Artist Gets “Screwed” Every Time He Creates a New Masterpiece

By Anne Cacherell

Born in Germany, raised in Spain and now residing in Laguna Beach, California is artist Andrew Myers.

Screw Abstract is Myers’ unique brand of contemporary artwork that allows him to construct three-dimensional portraits using thousands of screws. Without the use of any special computer software or technology, he draws out a face, pre drills 8,000-10,000 holes by hand and then paints over the screw heads individually, creating a special effect that tricks the eye and transforms the sculpture into an actual portrait when viewed from a distance. This element gives his work a sense of depth that you’ve never seen before.

In an interview, he told My Modern Met, “When other people look at this work, I hope they can see the amount of thought and work that went into each piece. I feel I have used everything I’ve learned over the past decade including sculpture, painting, construction etc., to create something that I had never seen before.”

Check out some of his extraordinary screw artworks below.













Myers’ Screw Abstract allows us to depart from the usual stoic portraits around us. What can you say about this artist’s technique? Would you like to own one of his works? Share with us your opinion.

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