Would You Stay in One of These? 7 Insane-Looking Morgues That Are Still Around

By Richard K. Noots

Apparently, only Las Vegas likes to get rid of old buildings. You see, someone went around and collected a bunch of pictures of creepy-looking morgues that haven’t been used between the 19th and 20th centuries. Yeah, some of these buildings have gone unused for over a hundred years. Regardless, check them out! If you live near one, why not go for a visit?

Beelitz-Heilstatten Morgue, Berlin, Germany
Beelitz-Heilstatten Morgue, Berlin, Germany
They once treated Hitler here.

Oregon State Hospital
CotD Oregon State Hospital
Those cans are filled with dead people.

Leidner Funeral Home, St Louis, Missouri
Leidner Funeral Home, St Louis Mo

Military Hospital, Cambridge, England
Military Hospital, Cambridge, England


Mortuarium Schoonselhof, Belgium
Mortuarium Schoonselhof, Belgium

Public Health Service Hospital, San Francisco
Public Health Service Hospital, San Fran

West Middlesex Hospital, England
West Middlesex Hospital, England

Pretty scary!

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  1. Tomas says:

    Aren’t morgues supposed to be creepy looking? These are scary looking. I don’t know why they would just leave everything and not clean it up? Some are kind of disgusting with all that decay.

  2. Garrett7160 says:

    They look like they would be good candidates for horror movies. Somebody obviously has visited some of them due to the graffiti on the walls. This is something I never knew about so it’s interesting to learn.

  3. Dermott says:

    I have seen a collection of these kinds of photos before and they always creep me out. I guess that is the intention, so well done. I would love to go shoot photos in places like this, but only during the daytime, haha.

  4. VilmarCesar says:

    Right? Perfect settings for the next Saw movie, some of these are. Actually, the graffiti creeps me out even more than the places themselves do. I know a lot of urban adventurers that would hang out in these places, especially for the photographs they could get.

  5. Jasper says:

    Some of those buildings look like historical architecture – they should be renovating and restoring them to be used as something. Although, I’m sure that there would be a shortage of people wanting to purchase or rent where a morgue used to be.

  6. Aaren says:

    It’s always creepy to see old buildings that once housed deceased people. I’m sure that these photos are nothing like what they used to look like back when they were opened, but it’s still strange to imagine the things that must have gone on in there.

  7. HunterD says:

    These are creepy. There is a sadness when you look at them. The one in Berlin looks like it could be a set for a really good horror movie. Why would you keep human remains in jars? That’s really gross.

  8. Synclair says:

    I would love to look round some of them, so long as the building looks like it won’t fall down on me. There are groups of people who go and do this kind of thing every weekend, (visit abandoned buildings in general, not just creepy places.)

  9. Cowboy722 says:

    I don’t understand, either, how they can just abandon places like this. Who owns them? Why don’t they do something with them or bulldoze them? I find abandoned buildings creepy, whether they used to be morgues or not.

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