Would You Believe that This Holy Man In India Has Lived Without Food & Water Since 1940?

By Anne Cacherell

Meet Prahlad Jani, also known as Mataji. He underwent a religious experience when he was young and became a devotee of the Hindu goddess Amba. In his own words, he tells his story:

“Three goddesses appeared to me and bade me to follow Ma Kali, Ma Lakshmi and Ma Saraswati. I consented, prepared myself and asked: ‘What about my food?’ They each put a finger on my lip and said, ‘You need not be concerned about food ever again.’ I was 7 and from that day I stopped eating and drinking.”

In 2010, Prahlad Jani was placed under observation of a team of specialists for 15 days without sustenance at Sterling Hospital in the western Indian City of Ahmedabad. He didn’t pass no urine or stool during his stay which leave the doctors baffled. Scientists believed that this 85-year-old man’s body went through a biological transformation as a result of his spiritual quest and powerful meditation.

Studying about this phenomenon can do a lot for soldiers and disaster victims to survive longer without food and water. Do you think this is a spiritual mystery or a rare scientific occurrence? Tell us what’s on your mind.

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