When You See What This Cop Did, You’ll Know Why He Deserves a Medal


By Richard K. Noots

Officer Christopher D’Onofrio has set the new bar for cops all over the country. While on his patrol, he caught Sangeeth Wijesinghe jumping a turnstile in Staten Island. While the man apologized and explained his story, officer D’Onofrio knew that the man just needed a job. So, going above and beyond the need of duty for police work, he hooked Sangeeth up with a friend who gave him a full-time job working in a store. How cool is that? Now, this example definitely goes to show how one man can change the lives of many. The real question is, how many other people has this officer helped?

Do you think this cop deserves a reward? How do you feel about your community police? Do they do enough for you in your neighborhood?

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