When This School Bus Crashed Into a Lake, the Driver & a 10-Year-Old Passenger Became Heroes

By Jack Day

Accidents happen so fast that it’s always a miracle when no one gets hurt. That was the case recently when a school bus in Tampa, Florida carrying 27 kindergartners careened out of control and crashed into a lake.

The driver and 10-year-old Nicholas “Nico” Sierra sprung into action and safely got all the kids out of the bus and onto land. It was Nico’s first big test since being appointed as a school safety patrol officer. I would say after bravely pulling a little girl from under water and carrying her to shore, along with a few other kids, Nico was the right man for the honors.

Watch the video and see how the whole story unfolded. Even in the interview, Nico is very humble about his heroic actions.

Wow, what a kid, and the bus driver deserves praise as well for his commitment to helping the children to safety. What do you think about this story? Would you have done the same thing as Nico when you were 10? Please leave your comments and share this amazing story with your friends and family.

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