When Things Seem Impossible, Here’s Some Reasons to Hang In There & Never Give Up the Good Fight

Image by: Olichel
By Ronnie Toofan

After my cousin Fred got laid off from his job, he had a hard time getting back on the horse and looking for a new company that would hire him. So, I suggested that instead of working for other people, he could just enter the transport business and run his own taxi.

Though he was hesitant, he still gave it a try. However, after a month, he came to me and said that he’s thinking of giving up because of two reasons: the work was hard and he thought that it was a lowly type of job.

For me, his excuses were invalid. So, I tried to explain to him that nothing worthwhile comes easy. Also, I made him realize that it is a moral occupation and there was nothing to be ashamed of.

I was glad he listened. After two years, he was able to save up, buy a new vehicle and hire a driver to work for him.

It’s easier to find a reason to quit than to keep on going especially when things become very overwhelming. However, giving up too soon and not trying hard enough to fight the pressure can possibly cost you your success and lasting happiness.

So, here are some good reasons for you keep trying and not to sell yourself short until you get to exactly where you want to be.

Success Takes Time

Some people give up easily because it is convenient. What they seem to forget is that success doesn’t happen overnight. It takes hard work and patience and I’m sorry to say, there is never any short cuts to greatness.

In the piece “Should I Stay or Should I Go?” writer Filip Stoeckle explains how you can lose your chance to experience the taste of great, mature, all-conquering love if you keep on breaking up your relationships instead of trying to resolve your issues.

I also agree with the writer when he said, “Relationships are like fine wine, you have to give them the chance to age.” Beautiful things need effort, time and work.

The Best Things Are the Most Difficult

There are many people with terrible disabilities who can perform extraordinary acts and who are making their marks in society. They never use their condition as an excuse not to pursue their dreams. These people who have conquered themselves make your short-comings immaterial and insignificant.

In my opinion, the best thing about success is not really the prize but the thought of being able to overcome all obstacles and not being defeated by challenges.

For example, in fitness, if your goal is to get truly buff and sculpted muscles or if you want your pecs to feel as if they’re about to pop out of your shirt, work hard for it and do everything in your power to overcome laziness and bust any training plateau.

And to help you build lean muscles and burn fat more, I dare you to go as far as possible in doing this “Pushup Workout From Hell.”

Unlike regular chest workouts, it uses varying tempos, which provides constant tension in your pecs, maximizing muscle growth.

There’s a Possibility that You Are Doing Things Wrong

Setbacks are a part of life; bumps are part of the journey. Giving up easily is like taking away your right to success. So, don’t just stop right away. Instead, learn to face and tackle your problems head on.

For instance, if you’re thinking of quitting your job or you’re getting close to giving up your business because of the stress and the endless problems it seem to bring, ask yourself first if you’ve already exhausted everything possible to make things work.

Writer Chelsea Berler explains the possibility of just feeling burned out. To be able to bounce back from exhaustion, you can explore these strategies and create your own escape plan.

Guys, there’s a saying that goes, “It’s always darkest before the dawn.” Oftentimes, just before victory comes apparent disappointment and hardship. And in moments like these the best thing to do is to persevere and be patient, for it is possible that you just probably haven’t tried the right thing yet.

Because Your Attitude is Everything

When it comes to success, many people believe that all it takes is skill and talent. What they don’t know is that your attitude and your mindset matters more than anything else.

A research study from Harvard University shows that determination is more important than native ability.

I personally believe that people can improve with effort. So, embrace your challenges and view them as opportunities for self-growth. Also, set high standards for yourself and work as hard as you have to, as long as you are able to make your dreams come true.

Guys, always remember that you are more capable than you think you are. So, refuse to wave the white flag and never surrender! Always keep your eyes on the prize, keep going and come home a winner!

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