When They Placed Solar Cells On a Bike Path, They Didn’t Expect the Results Would Be This Surprising


By Anne Cacherell

The Netherlands Organization of Applied Scientific Research, in consortium with Imtech, Ooms Civiel and the Province of North Holland have designed the world’s first bike path with embedded solar panels in Krommenie, Netherlands called SolaRoad.

In their website, SolaRoad Spokesman Sten De Wit said, “The energy yield of SolaRoad is beyond expectation.  We did not expect a yield as high as this so quickly.” He also explained, “The bike road opened half a year ago and already generated over 3,000 kWh. This can provide a single-person household with electricity for a year, or power an electric scooter to drive of 2.5 times around the world.”

Pioneering innovation in the field of energy harvesting, this prototype project aims to show the world what a longer solar road can do. In addition, the creators are also looking forward to allow electric cars and bikes to recharge wirelessly.

Just imagine a world made of solar roads! How do you think this idea could impact our environment? Do you think the government should support these types of projects? Share with us your thoughts.

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