When They Didn’t Have a Place to Stay This Police Officer Wouldn’t Let Them Freeze In Their Car

By Anne Cacherell

Robert Wood, together with his pregnant wife and 2 kids, were moving back to Eugene, OR from Alaska. The family is short of cash and didn’t have a place to stay. To save some money while looking for a place to live, they decided to sleep in the car at the Alton Baker Park.

However, as they settled in for the night, Eugene Police Lt. David Natt came knocking on their window and did something entirely unexpected. Instead of telling the Wood Family to move, the good Samaritan officer offered them a place to stay for 2 nights at the hotel in conjunction with the University Fellowship Church in Eugene. The officer’s generosity would allow the family to secure temporary housing while they look for a permanent residence.

It is important to consider all circumstances to heart before making a decision. In this police officer’s case, he did what he can do to help a family in need.

Do you find this story sweet and moving? Do you have any plans of doing some random act of kindness today? Share with us your idea.

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