When Police Pulled Him From the Vehicle, His Girlfriend Had No Idea What Was About to Happen

By Jack Day

All names have been withheld to protect the innocent.  Which, in this video everyone was, sort of.  The young guy in the truck that gets pulled over by the Royal Oak Police is trying to create some suspense for his girlfriend in the passenger seat on their 2 year anniversary date night.  The awesome part is that two years ago to the day on April 17, 2013 he and his then undecided girlfriend were pulled over on their way to dinner.  OK, so that’s not awesome, but the fact that it was the defining moment in their relationship that has now come full circle is pretty cool.  Watch the video to see his girlfriend’s reaction once she realizes what’s going on.

Would you go through with a police proposal if it factored into your relationship?  I think in this guy’s case fate kind of made that decision for him.  Please tell us your thoughts and share any other creative ways to profess your love to the woman in your life!

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