When He Saw a Burning House, This Teenager Jumped Into Action & Saved a 5-Year Old Boy


By Anne Cacherell

A successful rescue could only happen at the right place, at the right time, and with the right hero.

Matt Hawker, a 17-year old boy from Rancho Cucamonga, proves that heroism doesn’t come with age when he rescued a family from their burning home.

The house that was consumed by the large fire on Reales Street belongs to Los Angeles City firefighter Jason Chapman, who is saying that he owes everything to the teenage boy.

Matt was driving down the street when he saw a house engulfed in flames. He immediately parked his car and helped Joy Chapman, who just jumped 19-feet to escape the blazing fire. However, Joy’s 5-year-old son Brayden was still trapped upstairs. With his quick-thinking, Matt found a ladder, get to the balcony, ran inside the house, and rescued Brayden as quickly as he could.

“We do it for a living. We’re trained to do it as firemen, so it’s expected of us. It’s not expected of a 17-year old,” Chapman told ABC News.

Learn the details of this heroic story by watching the video.

This young boy’s urge to put his own life at stake to help others in danger is quite remarkable. Were you impressed by this teenager’s heroic act? Would you encourage your own son to do the same thing? Share with us your opinion.

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