When Destiny Put Him In the Right Place At the Right Time, He Became a Hero

By Jack Day

John Shear is a hero. He lived through two world wars, plenty of others, and worked at the horse track Santa Anita Park in Arcadia, California for 51 years without any incident. Then one tragic day an angry horse broke loose from his handler and headed right for some gates where John and others were standing just on the other side. In a selfless act John threw himself on 5 year old Roxy Key in order to shield her from the brunt of the trampling. John suffered many broken bones and took several months to recover from his injuries. Here, he finally gets to meet the young girl who he saved. Before that fateful moment the two were complete strangers. When asked where the act ranks on his life’s list of accomplishments John replied, “Number One.”

What do you think about John’s heroic act? Would you have done the same? Or have you in the past? Please share your thoughts and experiences!

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