What Happens When a Man, Woman, Elephant and a Bowling Ball Are in the Same Room?

By Kenny G. Thompson

It may seem odd, but this guy definitely had a great idea for a marriage proposal. Instead of the usual fancy restaurant, he opted for a day at the zoo. While him and his girlfriend got to the elephant, there was some neat tricks in store! The best trick comes with the bowling ball, of course. The inscription is priceless, and you got to give it a watch. Just a few minutes of your time might bring a tear to your eye.


Edit: The video has since been fixed. Thanks for the update in the comments!


  1. Jay663 says:

    Wow… this is pretty cool. Who would think about proposing at the zoo. I love the idea of the elephant too. What a great idea. Some people really think outside the box.

  2. Patrick says:

    What am I missing? The video I see is lights flashing to a x’mas song! I am curious to know more about the proposal, so maybe there’s another link? (Found it – you may need to click on the arrow and find the right vid.)

  3. Garrett7160 says:

    I had to go to YouTube to find the video. It was clear that he spent a lot of time training the elephant. I can’t imagine a more unique idea. What a lucky girl!

  4. HunterD says:

    That is a totally different way of proposing. That was a cool thing to do. The elephant was cute, especially at the end when she was nodding like she was agreeing with it.

  5. Chief says:

    I admire men (and women) who go the extra mile to make a proposal special. Elephants are smart, for sure. I hope the place they were visiting treats them well and they have space to roam free.

  6. Isaiah says:

    This is a different way to purpose to someone. I’m assuming that the girlfriend really liked elephants because I’m not sure that just anyone could pull this off. The zookeepers must have spent quite a bit of time training the elephants for this one special moment.

  7. PAPolka says:

    That was really adorable! This guy certainly pulled off the proposal beautifully. It makes me feel like I should have been more creative when I proposed to my wife.

  8. Taco55 says:

    I agree. They must have gone through a lot of training. Elephants don’t act this way. I still think it is a really cool idea. I hope these two live happily ever after forever.

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