Staying In Your Comfort Zone Can More Damaging Than Taking Risks, Here’s the Smart Way to Step Out For Success

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By Dave Andrews

Have you ever done something extremely inconvenient just to create change in your life? Do you still remember the last time you did something pretty scary just to take a chance on happiness?

I used to believe that I was unlucky when it came to love. I have had several failed relationships in the past and I was quite alarmed when I noticed a pattern of how things kept ending up.  Either they would cheat on me, or leave me for someone who was better looking, or perhaps a better lover than me.

And because of these series of bad romances, my self-esteem was damaged. I thought I wasn’t good enough to make a woman happy so I made a promise to myself not to take love seriously ever again and just stay single.

However, everything started to change when I met Selene. She helped me realize my good side. She believed in my potential and most importantly, she made me feel special. So, I took a chance on love again because of her. It was scary, but it turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. We’ve been happily married for 5 years now and we’re looking forward to having our second child before Christmas.

Guys, sometimes choosing to stay comfortable holds you back from growing and achieving happiness and success. Here are some reasons why playing safe is far more dangerous than stepping outside your comfort zone.

It Keeps You From Being Truly Happy

Staying in your safety zone not only prevents you from making your dreams come true, but it also creates long-term unhappiness in your life.

In relationships, for instance, when people are so afraid to get hurt and be all alone, they tend to stop looking for real love. They choose to settle for less and put up with people who don’t see their worth and treat them like crap.

Writer Zara Barrie shares these 10 obvious signs that your partner is not actually in love with you.

In my opinion, it’s better to stay single than waste your time on someone who is too afraid to commit, who can’t accept your past, who can’t even remember your birthday or other significant events in your life, who never even cracks a smile at your funniest jokes, who doesn’t have time for you, and who can’t make you feel special.

It Limits Your Creativity

Doing what you’re afraid of and taking risks teaches you invaluable life lessons that you can only gain through experience, regardless whether the outcome turns out to be good or bad. It helps you discover your special skills and talents and provides opportunities to further improve yourself. It also allows you to think outside of the box and utilize your creativity to succeed and find your own greatness.

In the piece “10 Fears Holding You Back From Creativity And How to Beat Them,” writer Devi Clark talks about the importance of overcoming your fears to boost your creative confidence.

In order to let go of your fears, you must embrace the creativity that you already possess within. Learn to appreciate your own skills and talents no matter how simple they may seem, like fixing basic car problems, building spreadsheets from scratch, or giving some love advice to a friend. You should redefine failure as experimenting and exploring unfamiliar grounds and cultivating curiosity. Also, get things done by focusing on what you can improve on rather than stifling the learning process.

It Holds You Back From Being Your Best Self

The only way to become your best self is to go past your limits, cross the lines, and push boundaries. It’s all about facing your fears and challenging yourself.

And speaking of becoming the best version of yourself and raising the bar every day, writer BJ Gaddour suggests doing this lifting technique that is designed to shred your belly fats, build your muscles and help you achieve that Adonis body.

It Makes You Believe That You’re Not Good Enough

When you choose to stay within the four corners of your comfort zone, you are actually telling yourself that you are not capable of accomplishing great things. You are underestimating yourself and putting restrictions on your own abilities.

On the other hand, finding the courage to step into unfamiliar territory builds your self-esteem. It helps you realize that you are good enough to create positive change in your life.

And to help you get started in ensuring that you are living a healthy, mindful and vibrant lifestyle, check this out – “9 Uncomfortable Life Hacks That Could Pay Off Forever, Life Begins At the End of Your Comfort Zone.”

You don’t have to bungee jump the world’s highest cliff or do something life threatening just to prove that you can challenge yourself. Sometimes, all you need is to try new habits to make your day better or adopt new practices that can improve the quality of your life.

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