Watch How This Man’s Organ Donation Earned Him Good Karma 10 Years Later

By Anne Cacherell

After his son Kalem died in an ATV accident in December 2004, Bill Millard donated his son’s organs to Janice MacKinnon’s son Jake, who is diabetic and in need of a pancreas transplant. Ten years later, Janice is returning back the kindness by donating her organ to Bill, who has kidney failure from years of diabetes.

While it’s normal for most donor families to remain anonymous, the Millards and the MacKinnons choose to become good friends and they even light a Christmas tree together each year to remember Kalem. Both families think that everything that happened was meant to be, particularly their friendship, and the fact that Janice turned out to be a perfect match for Bill’s transplantation, which is a 1:100,000 chance.

Regardless if it’s just coincidence or destiny, what matters most is the fact that their gifts were able to save lives. Do you find this story deeply moving? Share with us your thoughts.

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