Want to Feel Old? Check These Moments in the History of Your Favorite Sports

By Charlie DeWitts

In case Hulk Hogan isn’t making you feel ancient, we’ve lined up ten other photos from sports in history to make you feel especially elderly today. It’s kind of neat to reflect on how things have changed vastly throughout decades of rules changes and advertising. I remember when I was younger I couldn’t even a imagine the world of Basketball without Michael Jordan, and most kids these days haven’t even heard of him. I wonder where sports will be in another twenty years?

Speaking of… High school kids these days have never seen MJ’s #45 in action.

Before the Madden Curse …
before madden curse

Buffalo Bills haven’t seen a playoff since the Clinton era.

Danny Almonte is now over 26 years old.
Danny Almonte 26-12

ESPN: 1998

Video Games in the year 2000
games in the 2000

See?! The Macarena was huge!

This happened.
This Happened

The WWF died ten years ago.

Last but not least … RIP XFL.

What about your favorite moments in history?

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  1. ToddBT2 says:

    These were nice time capsules to back in the day. The graphics to the video games in 2000 says a lot as far as how far we have come just with technology.

  2. Lizy23 says:

    I remember the Jordan #45, but I loved seeing it again. I was his biggest fan and kids today who were not around for him have no idea how awesome he was. LeBron isn’t close to the magic of Jordan.

  3. Scott says:

    The video game from 2000 shocked me. I forgot how rudimentary the graphics were. It’s hard to believe kids don’t necessarily know who Michael Jordan is.

  4. Barton01 says:

    I remember waiting anxiously waiting for Madden to come out and it seems like just yesterday. I also remember thinking it had the best graphics ever and there was no way developers would be able to top it.

  5. Benn66 says:

    MJ was amazing. I loved watching Kukoc, MJ and Pippen play together. I do think that Kobe is just as good as MJ. I wish they would have played at the same time.

  6. Benn66 says:

    I loved watching WWF wrestling. The Hulk was a favorite of mine. I used to think it was so real. I remember when Jimmy Superfly first leaped off the rope!

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