Instead Of Giving In to What Others Say & Think, This Is How You Start Living Your Life For You With No Regrets

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By Ronnie Toofan

Sometimes, I feel a little selfish for protecting my happiness. I feel that it’s not my responsibility to make anyone happy at the expense of my own joy. Sometimes though, I feel sad for not being good enough for some people, for not being able to please them with my decisions and for not being able to live up with their expectations.

However, I don’t feel the need to apologize for being myself, for the choices that I did and didn’t make, for being honest with myself and for following my heart in everything that I do. At the end of the day, it’s not other people who are going to feel sorry for me, it’s not them who will be bothered by regrets, and they’re not the ones who will look back on my life and live those moments in their heads.

Your happiness and the way you live your life are something you owe to yourself. Here are some decisions that you may want to reconsider to avoid having regrets later in your life.

Spending Time With the Wrong People

Life is too short to spend time with people who suck the happiness and positive energy out of you. Keeping the company of negative people who only bring you toxicity and stress is a choice, not your obligation. You can actually decide to free yourself from them anytime instead of wasting your time feeling angry, anxiety, and unhappiness.

So, if your relationship is making you feel uneasy, insecure and unimportant, I think it’s time to make a conscious decision to ditch your woman and run for the hills. Instead, look for someone who feels proud when they introduce you to her friends, who is independent and capable of making life-changing decisions on her own, who respects and supports your dreams and ambitions, who trusts you enough to talk about her past and who cares enough to listen to your stories, interests and passions.

Writer Suzanne McKenzie shares these 9 warnings signs that you should never ignore at the beginning of a relationship.

Letting a Good Opportunity Pass You By

Every day, you are presented with different kinds of opportunities here and there. It’s all up to you if you will choose to ignore them or act upon them. However, most regrets are caused by not choosing the latter.

So, if you don’t want to look back at the past and tell yourself that you’re an idiot one day, make sure you do something about it. Don’t sit on the sideline while watching others play the game. Have the guts to seize an opportunity before it becomes pure memory.

To be able to spot good opportunities, Virgin Group Founder Richard Branson points out two important reminders:

• They don’t always come at a perfect time, so you must always be ready when chance presents itself.
• They are usually disguised as hard work so you should be willing to put in the necessary time, effort and commitment to act upon them and open many doors for yourself.

Not Making an Effort to Stay Healthy

No one in this world wishes to spend the end of their days having all kinds of health problems that are affecting the quality of their life. To avoid getting sick and living miserably, you should make a choice to follow a healthy lifestyle – from the food you eat, to keeping your body active, to avoiding bad habits that negatively impacts your well-being.

And to help you make an effort to beat cabin fever and get in the best shape of your life this cold season, check this out – “The Winter Sport That Burns 735 Calories an Hour.”

According to writer Doug Schnitzspahn, Nordic Skiing has a lot of cardio benefits. It also allows you to balance your power and distribute your weight evenly through its side to side movements. Moreover, it also builds your stamina as you dig into the snow and keep on going, pushing and gliding.

Not Having the Courage to Honor Your Dreams

Many people don’t like taking chances on their dreams because of the fear of consequences- what if they fail? What if they lose bigger things in the process? But you know what is scarier? For me, it’s the things that could happen if you don’t take risks to live the life that you want, because at the end of the day when everything else falls apart, that’s all that would really matter.

In the piece “The Most Common Regret People Have At the End of Life + How to Avoid It,” writer Maria Stenvinkel shares a former nurse’s experiences working with patients during their last few days and what sneaks up on them slowly when they try to look back on their life. Turns out, the most common response has nothing to do with money, success or status, but instead it’s about not honoring their dreams due to the choices they made, or did not make.

Guys, having the courage to live a life that is true to yourself, not the life others expect of you is the only way to experience growth, find meaning in your existence and leave this world without regrets. And that’s something that won’t happen by chance. You need to make a choice, be brave, and take the necessary actions to get what you really want out of life.

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