Twitter Nailed it! 10 Breaking News Stories They Got First

By Richard K. Noots

Well, Twitter’s done it again! As the website that allows you to post anything you want to the world (as long as it’s short and sweet), it’s managed to gain more and more ground as a place to go for legitimate news stories (in a way). Granted, you don’t want to believe everything you read on the internet, it’s still a good place if you’re looking to get your hand on some of that juicy gossip first. Here are ten news stories that broke on Twitter first.

A long, lost picture.
A long lost picture

Bradley Cooper needs a Selfie Stick
Bradley needs a Selfie Stick

Cricket is Dangerous …
Cricket is Dangerous

Earth, after sunrise.
Earth after sunrise

Juan Carlos I abdicated his throne to his son.
Juan Carlos I abdicated



Michael Jackson is the next Tupac.
Michael Jackson Tupac

The Queen Tweets
The Queen Tweets!

This poor kid chases his dreams.
This kid chased his dreams

Museum Week in the UK and Europe
Museum Week in the UK and Europe

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  1. AlexanderG says:

    I do have a twitter account and it is one of the things that I check out first thing in the morning. There is a lot of interesting stuff on there and if I don’t check it out I feel like I am missing something. Out of all these tweets the best one was of the earth just after sunrise. Great shot!

  2. Mason29 says:

    I have to agree. Stories move so fast on twitter and it’s hard not to take a glance at it every day just to see what is happening around the world. I too thought the image of earth at sunrise was a great shot and I enjoyed the shot at the Oscars. It’s fun to see actors having a good time.

  3. Ferdinand says:

    I usually check into my twitter account everyday and there is usually something that makes me smile or laugh. That image of earth is something else! I really like the picture of the guys cleaning the clock, they must have nerves of steel.

  4. StevenL says:

    This is one of the great things about Twitter. By the way, the wedding picture found at ground zero was finally returned to its owner after 13 years. All in the photo are alive and well.

  5. DJHawke says:

    That’s nice to know. I tried to find out if little Kendal ever got to meet One Direction but I failed. I hope that appeal worked out, how could anyone say no?

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