Trying to Get a Six Pack? Here’s 5 Reasons Why It Isn’t Working

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By Richard K. Noots

A lot of men fantasize about looking as dreamy as Brad Pitt on Troy or Daniel Craig in Casino Royale. We may not always admit it to each other or even ourselves, but who doesn’t want a pair of rocking abs that ladies can’t shut up about? Our media today practically glorifies muscular-bound men with what seems to be zero percent body fat.

It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that the celebrity physiques we admire are often air brushed and touched up with CGI to enhance all of the fun bits we look at. Don’t let this discourage you though, let it motivate you. Getting a stomach that looks like an ice tray isn’t impossible, just insanely difficult at times. If you’re having issues, look no further! These tips could clarify where you’re going wrong in your work outs.


#1) Genetics

Getting a perfect set of abs just may not be in the cards for you as it is for others. Genetics play a huge part in how our muscles are structured, like those guys who have those mismatched abs you see on occasion. Four packs and eight packs are the same way. How well your body grows muscle and displaces fat is the biggest issue when it comes to getting that lean physique. Pay attention to your body, but don’t get discouraged. 

#2) Health

This one is always a staple, but I have to include it when we’re discussing workouts. Sleep, proper eating and hydration are the most important factors in anything you do in life, especially working out. A good eight hours of sleep will keep your mind healthy and your body healing. Water has plenty of amazing properties that help your body, and if you don’t get enough of it you’ll never see the gains you want.

Proper eating just comes with whatever dieting/body type you want. If you’re trying to get huge and pack on all of the muscles, it might be awhile before you get the abs you desire. With the amount of calories you have to imbibe, there’s a good chance some will still get stored right above your baby-giver, as all men who drink too much have realized. Add a cutting phase to your work out to alleviate that problem.

#3) You’re not Working out Enough

Abs are the hardest muscles to get (next to calves) because that area is also where our body does the most fat storage. There are two tricks to do in your work out to ensure you get abs. One is to always have ab workouts so this way you can build a strong core. You won’t have any abs to show if there non-existent!

You also will need to work out more. The key to losing weight is keep your heart rate up for extended periods of time. This is why runners and swimmers have a tendency to have better abs than body builders, as their work outs aren’t focused on muscle gain as much as muscle endurance. Just focusing on ab workouts won’t be enough, as they’re a small group of muscles that burn very little calories. Think full body work out if you want that ribbed stomach.

#4) Suck it in!

When you walk around all day when you’re not working out, is your gut loose and hanging? Try to avoid that. Keep your abs tight and pulled in as much as your can. Tap your stomach with your fingers when you do it as your muscles should at least be somewhat hard to the touch. Walking around and doing this every day will actually make you look and feel better. This is called Isometrics, and it’s one of the main ways Bruce Lee got his amazingly ripped muscles.

#5) Self-Control

Maybe you’re binge eating throughout the week. Snack here and a snack there type of thing. Do you go out and drink on the weekends? These little things are all factors when it comes to developing muscles. Abs are hard to get, and almost as easy as pectorals to lose if you don’t do regular maintenance. If you’re a social butterfly, make sure to keep check on those eating/drinking habits that can melt any effort you put in right away.

Take care of your body and you’ll make the goals you set. Abs are sort of like the final reward after what seems like months and months of labor and attrition. Once you get them, you’ll never want to see your body without them. It’s more than just self confidence you’ll get though. Remember, we’re a very physically-orientated society. Looking good will take your life further than you ever thought.

What do you do to get and maintain abs? Is the struggle even worth it? Share your experiences in the comments!

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