To Show His Deepest Gratitude to His Grandmother, This Artist Created a Stairway to Heaven

By Anne Cacherell

Our grandparents influence us in so many different ways. Their love is unconditional and knows no boundaries. They are the strength of the family. Some of us won’t even be able to achieve success without their help.  To honor and show his deepest gratitude to his grandmother who raised him and supported his dream of becoming an artist, China’s prominent fireworks artist Cai Guoqiang created the Sky Ladder, a stunning gigantic staircase that stretches 1650 feet into the sky.

This ladder that measures 18-feet wide was made up of metal and aluminum wires and was filled with gunpowder. It was attached to the bottom of a hot air balloon that was launched from a boat off the shore of Huiyu Island in Fujian Province.

Truly a labor of love, this stairway to heaven stretched right up into the sky in Quanzhou, southeastern China on June 15, 2015.

What can you say about this ladder of fire? How do you honor and show respect to your grandparents? Don’t hesitate to leave your comments below.

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