This Young Artist With No Limbs Is On an Inspiring Mission to Hug His Mom


By Jack Day

This young man from Hungary can do more without his limbs than most 22 year old’s who have all four of theirs. Szabolcs Kollinger was born with Tetra-amelia syndrome, causing him to live a pretty rough existence. However, due to his unbreakable spirit and strong sense of determination, Szabolcs has not let his condition stand in his way. He is quite capable after his years of learning how to get around, but he is now longing for more.

Already an artist, swimmer, writer, and even avid table tennis player, Szabolcs dreams of a life with robotic arms. More than anything else he wants to be able to give his adopted mother, Magdolna Antalóczy, a giant hug for the first time. She was carefully picked by the nurse that looked after Szabolcs after many other candidates were turned down for not meeting her standards. Szabolcs was not your average child, so the person who would love him and raise him needed to be very special. About his mom, Szabolcs says:

“As far as I know, the article and the advert about me was read many times, there were lots of people trying to adopt me but the nurse who was taking care of me turned down most of them,” he said.

“She already had two kids and used to sell newspapers. She is very similar to me, has no legs and only one hand. She is the perfect mom for me.”

“I am pretty sure there are no coincidences in life. Everything is meant to be.”

With the help of the National Health Insurance Trust of Hungary, Szabolcs will soon be getting those robotic arms at a fraction of the cost, with the Trust picking up 80% of the tab. It is up to Szabolcs to come up with the remaining balance of $21,000. He has turned down offers from trusts that wanted to give him the whole amount, instead insisting that his friends and family should be the ones who help him achieve his goal.

“I’ve decided not to take the full amount from several trusts, only because I want my friends to help me,” he said.

“I am blogging every day and in return I want to share all my stories with the people who help me.”

I’m sure that with such a determined attitude and positive outlook on life, Szabolcs will have no problem hitting that goal. What do you think about his amazing story? Do you think you would have as many hobbies as he does? Please share your thoughts and comments.

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