This Video Will Remind You that You Are Not Alone

By Jack Day

For many when life gets challenging, the option of giving up is always a way out, and usually is the path taken. Maybe it is because of a lack of support or motivation. Maybe there is too much going on in their lives that life is overwhelming. Whatever the reason for wanting to give up on things no one should ever resort to drastic measures like suicide. That why the good people at Inspire USA Foundation have created this Reach Out campaign to hopefully get the attention of those who need help. You can learn more at their website and watch other videos about getting inspired and learning how to live a happier life.

What did you think of the video?  Subtle, but powerful in it’s message. “We’ve been there,” is the phrase in the video that speaks the loudest and will hopefully impact people who need it.  Tell us your thoughts and please share any stories you have that you think might be able to help someone who needs it!