This Tool Doesn’t Just Translate Conversations, But It Also Improve the Lives Of Those Who Use It

By Anne Cacherell

Well-known for its video chats, voice calls and instant messaging features, Skype is taking things to a different level by breaking the world’s biggest communication barrier through their new application software called Skype Translator.

This real-time translation tool received excellent feedback from all the invited adopters, particularly Pro Mujer, a non-profit women’s development organization whose main focus is to empower women in Latin America through livelihood programs, financial services and healthcare support.

Its preview was released on December 2014 and is currently conducting its test-run in English, Italian, Spanish and Mandarin. Proud of its great and positive impact on so many people’s lives, Skype is working on improving the software and is looking forward to bringing this instant-translation feature to the world soon.

It’s refreshing to view the value of Skype from a different perspective. In what way does Skype impacts your life? Tell us what’s on your mind.

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