This Therapy Dog Has His Own Incredible Way of Helping People at the Funeral Home

By Anne Cacherell

If your therapist has a wagging tail, you can be sure that you’re in good paws.

This video features Seger, a certified therapy dog that holds a very crucial role at Duffield & Pastrick Family Funeral Home in Coloma, Michigan.

In his own unconventional way, this chocolate Labrador helps the mourning families deal with their tragic loss by roaming around the home, playing with them and showing them his tricks, which in effect, making their experience less painful. The comfort he provides to these people, who are adjusting to the absence of their loved ones, is extremely incredible.

Furthermore, this clip also contains a testimony of a mom, who lost her precious 21-year-old daughter, as she talked about Seger’s magical healing power.

Dogs feel the strong emotions of people around them, for instance, sadness caused by the death of a loved one. Do you think all funeral homes should consider the idea of having therapy dogs? Share with us your thoughts.

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