This Teacher Ensures Her Lesson In Generosity Lives On Long After She’s Gone

By Jack Day

“Energy, enthusiasm, and a sparkle in her eye all the time.” This is how Nanci Micke remembers her former school teacher, Violet Laack. Violet, or Vi as those who knew her often called her, was an English teacher in Chilton, Wisconsin for over 50 years. As someone who was highly influenced by their English teachers, I can only imagine the level of commitment she had to her students.

She passed away last January, but not before leaving behind one last very important lesson for all those who knew her. In her ultimate gift to those she might have taught, Vi left her estate to the students of Chilton and surrounding Calumet County. The funds, totaling over $1 Million,  are to be distributed in the form of scholarships for students.

The lesson here is one of generosity and hope, taught by a woman who had more than a PhD in human compassion. Did you have any teachers over the years who you could see doing something like this? Please share your stories and comments!

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