This Singer Was So Moved By a Soldier’s Heroic Actions, You Won’t Believe How He Showed His Gratitude

By Jack Day

You might remember Darius Rucker by his more famous unofficial name of “Hootie” from Hootie and the Blowfish, a band that was more popular in the mid 90’s than wallet chains and starter jackets. He’s not really Hootie, but he does have a serious appreciation for the men and women who protect America. Recently Darius went on NBC’s the Today Show to exercise some of that gratitude when he gave a new home away to veteran Daniel Branham of South Carolina.

The soldier received the awesome gift due to his heroic efforts in battle when he saved nine men from a gas attack. Since he heard about Daniel, the country singer knew he had to give back to such a brave guy.

“Daniel is an American hero. The things he did when he was deployed, he’s just an an amazing guy.”

Watch the video and see how the surprise changes Daniel’s life.

Our brave men and women put their lives and families future on the line when they make the ultimate sacrifice for their country. It is our duty to support them any way we can, which is why we need more folks like Darius Rucker. Did you serve our country? Please tell us your stories and share this touching video.

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