This Singer Is Using His Voice to Find a Homeless Man a Place to Live

By Anne Cacherell

When Boyz II Men singer Nathan Morris heard about the heartbreaking story of Charles Gladden, the 63-year old man who sleeps in the city streets at night and works at the US Capitol, he immediately launched a an online crowdfunding campaign to help the homeless man find a place to live. The goal is to raise at least $10,000, in which he would add another $10,000 more to give Gladden a good start.

For 8 years, Gladden has been doing janitorial work at the senate cafeteria and earning $360 a week. He is unable to afford housing because he is using the money to aid his family’s financial trouble and to buy medications for his chronic health problems. Three of his toes have been amputated because of his diabetes.

In less than a week, the Go Fund Me campaign has been able to raise $21,000, from small donations of $20, $10, $15 and $35 from people who were touched by Gladden’s story.

What do you think about the story of this homeless man who serves the important people of the greatest country in the world? Isn’t it heartbreaking? Tell us you opinion.

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