This Reunion Ended a Father’s Misery for 16 Years, He Didn’t Know that It Will Cost Him a $7,800 Bill

By Anne Cacherell

One of the greatest tortures a parent could go through is to search for his lost child. Painful is an understatement; no words could possibly describe this kind of torment.

Just imagine a father, who searched for his long lost daughter for 16 years. After finding his daughter, his joy turned into confusion when the child welfare agency charged him with a bill for $7,800.

Sixteen years ago, Dean Harper of Montreal, Quebec got separated from his daughter, Athena Glusing, after the teen’s mother left without telling him where they were headed.

Athena was placed in foster care by her mother when she was 12 years old. But despite having Dean’s name on the record, Batshaw Youth and Family Center never contacted him and never let him know about Athena, thus prolonging his parental pursuit.

Dean considers filing a legal action against Batshaw.

Learn more about the details of the story by watching this short video.

Do you think it’s fair for foster care to charge this father with $7800 bill?  Share with us your opinion.

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