This Quadriplegic Completed a Transcontinental Expedition to Inspire People With Disabilities

By Anne Cacherell

Seth McBride is an American wheelchair rugby player and five-time gold medalist from Seattle, Washington. After he graduated from Juneau-Douglas High School in 2001, he got into a skiing accident which left him paralyzed.

This video, The Long Road South, produced by Seth himself and his fiancé, Kelly Schwan, marks the beginning of a yearlong bike expedition from Portland, Oregon to Patagonia, Argentina. In their mission to inspire other people with disabilities and encourage them to defy their limits, Seth and Kelly will go on a self-supported transcontinental cycle tour and will be meeting adaptive sports organizations along the way to share their story.

Since the filming of The Long Road South, the couple completed their biking trip. It was succeeded by a series of other adventures that makes them an unstoppable team.

How do you measure an individual’s strength? Have you ever tried doing something that you think you couldn’t but you go and gave it a try anyway? Share with us your experience.

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