This Pooch Shows You One Reason Why You Should Own a Dog

By Jack Day

This dog is one good friend. He never takes his eye of the guy in the water and when he thinks it’s been too long since he has come up for air the pooch springs into action. Leaping into the water at break neck speed he dives onto his master and immediately drags the “drowning” man to to safety. This may be the single best endorsement for why you need to own a dog once in your life. It’s a challenging experience at times, and when they die it’s like a family member passed. But a loyal dog brings a friendship like nothing else in this life.  This dog’s actions, although a false alarm, prove just how awesome dogs are.

What did you think of the video? I like how the dog seemed to time how long the guy was under for! Do you own a dog? If so then you know how amazing these companions are. Let’s here your stories of being a pet owner!

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