This Police Officer Was Determined to Save a Man’s Life, Even If It Meant Putting His Own In Danger

By Anne Cacherell

There is no such thing as simple heroism. It is not easy to do the right thing at all times and put your own life at stake in order to save others. Being on the police force doesn’t just require courage but great bravery as well, especially during unexpected times.

This 2-minute clip features an Iowa State Patrol Trooper Tracy Bohlen and his extraordinary effort to save Patrick Roark while suffering from a heart attack in the middle of Interstate 35 at East Mixmaster in Des Moines, Iowa.

In this video, you will see the state police performing chest compressions to save a 50-year-old man’s life at whatever cost.

Heroism is the urge to serve others regardless of the consequences. Have you ever done something heroic in your life? Share with us your experience.

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