This Place is Like Nothing You’ve Ever Seen Before

By Richard K. Noots

Sertar is a nice place in China that has a bit of a religious following. OK, well, maybe a bit more than that. How does forty thousand monks and nuns sound? Like a lot of trouble, I’m sure. However, what you’re about to see is one of the most interesting places to ever spring up in existence. Not only do these monks and nuns survive, they thrive! Take a look at this pictures and show them some support!

Remember, 40,000 people!
40000 of em

Monk City at night.
monk city at night

Beginning monks dedicate their time after school.
monk learns after school

So many houses.
monks liv ehere


No TV, toilets or electricity.
no tv toilet or electricity

Praying constantly.
praying constantly

Don’t fall!
so many houses

Tibetan Prostration
tibetan prostration

Wheel of Prayer, turn, turn, turn!
wheel of prayer, turn turn turn

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