This Organization’s Mission Is to Help Ex-Offenders & the Homeless Get Jobs

By Anne Cacherell

Aside from building self-esteem, having a job gives us a sense of purpose and self-worth that makes us feel that we are important contributing members of the society.

This video features Sun Cedar, a Kansas-based non-profit manufacturing organization that gives employment opportunities to people who are in difficult transitions and in severe economic distress such as the homeless, ex-offenders and recovering addicts. By empowering these individuals to support themselves and perform their responsibilities to their families, they are also restoring their dignity and functionality in the community.

Shine Adams, founder and CEO of Sun Cedar, believes that, “being useful is paramount in the journey to recovery and everybody deserves a chance at an honest day’s work.”

Find out more about what this company could offer by watching this clip.

Hiring people who are struggling to get a second chance and to find their way back to the workforce is an act of humanity. Do you believe in restorative justice? Tell us what’s on your mind.

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