This Organization Just Completed the Largest Known International Rescue Of Golden Retrievers


By Anne Cacherell

Happiness can be adopted.

Meet the 36 new residents of Pet Lodge in Alpharetta, Georgia from the largest internationally-known rescue of Golden Retrievers ever. These sweet dogs, 20 boys and 16 girls, are looking forward to being with their foster families after being rescued from the streets and shelters of Istanbul, Turkey.

Adopt Golden Atlanta, a volunteer non-profit organization dedicated to finding new homes for Golden Retrievers, was contacted by an American living in Istanbul and reported the condition of the abandoned dogs. The agency took action right away and fled them all to the U.S. Immediately upon arrival, the dogs received proper comprehensive evaluation and the veterinary care they needed.

All 36 dogs are legitimate world travelers with photo ID and passports.  They were also given patriotic names like Freedom, Patriot, Liberty and Glory.

The Adoption Day will be held at the Pet Lodge Pet Resort on June 7, 12-4pm.

Golden Retrievers are known for their gentle temperament. Would you like to adopt one? Do you believe that sharing love with your pet dogs can change your outlook in life? Share with us your thoughts.

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