This Man With Autism Created an App to Help Those With Anxiety & Panic Attacks Communicate

By Anne Cacherell

People on the autism spectrum see and feel the world from a different perspective, that’s why they often respond to things in an unusual manner. Therefore, if you really want to extend help, you have to learn to interact with them on their own terms. Jeroen De Busser, a computer science student at the University of Antwerp with Autism Spectrum Disorder, created a text-based application called “Emergency Chat” that could help people with similar disorders function during severe anxiety and panic attacks.

All you need to do is show your phone, together with a message that appears on the screen to someone to provide them instructions on how to best assist you during meltdowns or communication crisis.
The app allows users to enter their own messages on the screen, depending on the nature of emergency such as “Aspie Attack”, “Asthma Attack” or “Trach Meltdown.”
Currently with more than 500 users and growing, the “Emergency Chat” app is available for Android phones. However, iOS version is still in the works.
It’s always good to highlight stories that provide actual solution to some of our greatest challenges. Help a loved one who is suffering from a similar disorder by spreading this good news. Also, feel free to leave your comments below.
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