This Man Wanted to Travel to the Past, So He Made His Own Version Of a Time Machine

By Jack Day

When you have a hobby that is really more of a yearning to create something amazing, it reveals a part of you that you might not have known was in there. It becomes a passion, an obsession that fuels your spirit and your mind. At some point the drive to keep doing it becomes insatiable and before you know it you post pictures on the internet to show the world what you have created. That is called pride and it’s a beautiful thing.

That is exactly what happened when master model maker Michael Paul Smith decided to toy around one fateful day. His inspiration came from his love for photography, his childhood, and an interest in everything small. Taking a hold of his dreams he began working on a small project to recreate the world he grew up in.  It turned into a personal time machine that took him back farther than he ever thought.

1. This could be Anywhere, U.S.A. in the 1950’s


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