This Man Walked 645 Miles Dressed As a Storm Trooper to Honor His Wife’s Legacy

By Anne Cacherell

Some people find it hard to let go of a deceased loved one until they truly feel in their hearts that they have been sufficiently honored. Meet Minnesota native Kevin Doyle, the man who walked 645 miles from San Francisco to San Diego dressed as a Storm Trooper as a tribute to his wife, Eileen, who passed away in 2012 of pancreatic cancer.

To make sure his wife’s memory lives on, Doyle started Eileen’s Little Angels Foundation, a charitable organization that is dedicated to helping children undergoing chemotherapy. The 645-mile walk is part of raising awareness and funds for the charity.

Before embarking on his journey, he created a page on Facebook and on Crowdrise, a fundraising network, to gather support for the cause. The trek to the annual Comic-Con entertainment and comic convention took Doyle more than a month to finish, from June 6- July 9.

On the crowdfunding page, Kevin wrote,

“Eileen and I both shared a passion for Star Wars and are members of the world-wide costuming organization the 501st Legion and as a member I regularly participate in charitable events, fundraising, and various walks. This time I will be walking in Eileen’s memory. With the money raised I will be able to create such things as a coloring book, bandanas, a blanket, and plush toys…. all featuring Eileen’s artwork. It is my hope that this walk will help me to heal and give my life purpose by sharing Eileen’s spirit though her artwork with children battling cancer and put a little sunshine in their lives.”

Learn more about the details of this man’s journey and fundraising campaign by watching the video.

This is truly a walk to remember. For our loved ones, we do whatever it takes to preserve and honor their memory. Do you find this story inspiring? Tell us what’s on your mind.

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