This Man Rescues a … Drowning Bear?!

By Richard K. Noots

Sometimes, black bears get into neighborhoods. The usual procedure for when this happens is to call Animal Control, they come over, tranq the bear, grab it and go. Unfortunately, sometimes complications happen. This black bear actually began to take off running, and then tried to go for a swim in the nearby lake to escape. That’s when the tranq kicked in … Luckily, this man was there to save the bear.

Here he is, just relaxing.
a bear

You can see the tranq he got hit with.
ce bear run

Now, he has gone too far.
drowning bear

The man, Adam Warwick, decides to be a hero.
warwick adam saves bear


TAdam tries loading the bear in a boat.
warwick loads bear

The bear struggled against going in the boat.
Unable to put in boat

It ends OK though.

Safe and Sound
ze end

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