This Man Quit His Job to Chase His Dreams


By Richard K. Noots

Mike Hudson was a man with the dream. He wanted to travel the world, no matter what. So, one day, he quit his job. Yep, just like that. Then, he went on Ebay and bought himself an old van to fix up. With that, he was ready. He started this in 2013, and has decided to just keep going. I’m not sure if he saved up his money or earns it on the way, but it must be a lot of fun no matter what!

Got the checklist.
1 checklist

Got the van.
2 van

And he’s never stopping.
3 one year later

Here’s his workstation.
4 work station


Clearly, living the dream.
5 living the dream

6 chillax

Who’s going?
7 im envious

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