This Man Is Smiling Because Doctors Just Used Lasers to Help Remove a Tumor In His Brain

By Jack Day

The human brain is the most complex structure in the known universe.  The average one consists of over 100 billion neurons, the cells responsible for transmitting nerve impulses.  When things go right within the elegant traffic of the mind, we get to experience all the wonders that life has to offer.  But when there is trouble, like a tumor or cancer, the network of the brain gets backed up causing gridlock.

Such a fate rang true for 22 year old Reuben Hill of Devon, England when he learned of a tumor growing in his head.  Watch the video at to see how doctors at Charing Cross Hospital in London were able to use a laser to detect exactly what tissue to remove so as to not cause any further damage to Hill’s brain during the extremely delicate surgery.  You’ll be reminded why the profession of brain surgery is most used to contrast easy tasks.

Are you amazed at how delicate our beautiful little blobs of grey matter really are?  With advancements like this though, potential life threatening diseases and other neurological problems could be much easier to treat and cure.  Please tell us your thoughts and share this amazing video with your friends and family!

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