This Man Has One Love: The Wild Oceans

By Richard K. Noots

Have you ever seen the ocean or been surfing? It can be pretty majestic to be in the middle of the biggest body of water on our planet with no sight of land anywhere. Coal miner Ray Collins has a hobby that just so happens to bring these beautiful sights right to your computer screen, so you don’t have to go endanger your life. I know I’m pretty glad, because I can’t swim! Even if I could, I wouldn’t try to swim around this:

Who knew they could get so high?
burning waveu

Ray feels more at home here than anywhere else in the world.
he knowsthe sea

Ride the wave!
ride the wave


It must be amazing to see in person.
totally worth it

Not that I’ll ever try, of course.
works in coal mine

How about you?
you ready

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