This Mailman Shows You How a Little Compassion Can Go a Long Way
By Jack Day

For 4 1/2-year-old Carter Lawson, deciding on a career path will be one less thing he is going to have to worry about when he gets older. A fan of his local postal carrier, who he calls, “Mailman Mike,” Carter waits impatiently everyday for his buddy to arrive. The two then walk the block in his neighborhood delivering mail, dodging scary dogs, and visiting with the residents.

The friendship began 9 months ago when Mike started his route through Carter’s neighborhood. At first the little boy just enjoyed seeing the mail truck pull up so he could run out to greet Mike with a water and a smile. Then Mike started to bring candy for the little boy and pretty soon Carter’s mom found him his own uniform. It wasn’t long after that when the two started to deliver the mail.

It sure takes a person with a big heart like Mailman Mike to do what he does and show compassion towards a child. Would you do the same thing he did? Please tell us your comments and stories! And don’t forget to share this awesome story with your friends and family.

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