This is One Way to Restyle Old Books


By Richard K. Noots

Jacqueline Rush Lee has a … unique hobby. She takes old, unusable books and converts them to art. What kind of art, you ask? Well, It’s definitely abstract. However, having one of these on your mantle would definitely be a conversation starter. Her technique on how she accomplishes these structures is quite interesting. It involves kilns and delicate burning. Then, like decoupage, she uses the paper itself to help create a holding glue. Trust me, you got to scroll down!

Crescere 2013
crescere 2013

Flutter 2007
flutter 2007

Lorum Ipsum III
Lorum ipsum III

Made in China 2012
made in china 2012


Ode to Anselm 2013
ode to anselm 2013

The Cube
the cube

Vasecellum 2012
vascellum 2012

Do you have any art projects to share?

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