This Homeless Veteran Got One Final Show Of Respect From Over 750 Strangers

By Jack Day

The term homeless veteran has become quite a common set of words in this country. Men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country should never have the word homeless in the list of things that describe them , but nonetheless it happens way too often.

Recently one of those homeless veterans passed away. He had no family, no friends, and was going to be buried without one attendant at his funeral. Then the folks at OKC Veterans Connect made a post on Facebook announcing the funeral services for U.S. Navy aviation specialist airman Jerry Billings and it went viral.

Over 750 people showed up to the service, not one had ever met Jerry.  The crowd was a mix of veterans, bikers, police, and other compassionate people who wanted to pay their respects for someone who long ago made a huge sacrifice.  This is the kind of thing, that although Jerry will never know, makes people so amazing.

What do you think about the Facebook funeral?  I only wish I lived near Del City, OK to have been able to go myself.  Please share your experiences and comments!

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