This Guy’s Experiment Might Seem Strange, But His Message Makes Perfect Sense

By Jack Day

Popular YouTube personality Yousef Saleh Erakat has an interesting way of testing out social theories. He is known for this kind of thing, but recently when he tried a reverse beggar experiment the results shocked even him. Instead of posing as a homeless man in need of money, the charismatic entertainer flipped the switch on people and tried to give money to them. His premise was simply that he has everything he needs in life, so he wanted to give back some of the blessings he’s received.

The responses from nearly all the passerby’s were quite surprising as you will see in the video. Only two people even came close to getting the point of Yousef’s experiment, and it was shaky at best. The moral here seeks to understand the psychology of giving. In other words, why is it OK for a rich person to give to a poor person, but not reverse? See if you can make sense of this street lesson.

So, would you react the same way as some of these people did when Yousef tried to pay it forward? Or would you gladly take the money? The point was to ask people who looked like they did not need the money, so the results might be different had the subjects been different. Tell us your thoughts and share any stories of your own.

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